What you will learn with this eBook

  • The Music Licensing Industry

    An in-depth look at exactly what the music licensing industry is, how it looks, how it works, and how your music can earn money in it.

  • Avoiding Scams

    A large list of tips of what to look out for when applying to join a library in order to avoid potential scams.

  • The 3 Year Plan

    A long term strategy for writing tracks, finding good publishers and steadily increasing your income over a period of three years.

  • Meta Tagging

    A guide on what "meta-tagging" is and how to create an effective title, description and tags to get the best return on sales.

  • Increasing your income

    A wide range of tips which can help improve the potential sales of a track including the best structures, genres, lengths and formats to use.

  • Over 200 Music libraries

    A huge (up-to-date) list of over 200 music libraries you can license your music through. Only libraries that have proven results in placing music are included.

What is the eBook about?

"The Business of Music Licensing" is a 72 page eBook which covers the many various aspects of the music licensing industry.

In the eBook, I cover the following topics:

  • What music licensing is and what the industry looks like
  • How to find a publisher
  • What type of music to write
  • How to register with a Performance Rights Organisation
  • The types of licensing deals you will encounter
  • The benefits and downsides of both exclusive and non-exclusive libraries
  • How to avoid getting scammed and losing your rights and/or money
  • How to deal with custom music requests
  • How to increase your income from music licensing
  • Meta tagging - what it is and how to do it effectively
  • Using a virtual assistant to boost productivity
  • The Youtube Content ID System
  • Tunesat
  • A 3 Year Plan
  • Suggested Reading
  • Useful Resources
  • A list of over 200 (up-to-date) music libraries you can work with

This eBook will serve as a solid introduction to those who have no experience with licensing music, and will provide anyone with experience in the industry with plenty of useful tips and information.

This ebook will help a whole lot with clarifying and simplifying things in this area of music business and give you a good idea what music lisencing is all about. Lot of very useful information!
Jami Katajisto
Composer for Media & Guitarist
This is the go-to bible of music licensing - Emmett has made this concise and easy to digest. I've been doing this for a long time and I came away with a whole fresh outlook and understanding of the business - it should be on every composers coffee table.
Emmett's book saved me hours of research. Along with TONS of practical advice, you'll find everything necessary to get started earning money composing production music in one place.

Take a sneak peak inside

The Business of Music Licensing contains over 70 pages of information on the music licensing industry.

Click on the images on the right hand side to see a some pages of the ebook before deciding to purchase it. The ebook is for you if you:

  • Are an amateur or professional composer
  • You enjoy writing music
  • You want to start building a passive income stream
  • You want to gain a better understanding of the music licensing industry.

About the Author

Emmett Cooke is a full time composer for film, TV and video games. He has a BA Music from WIT, Ireland as well as a Specialist Certificate in Orchestration for Film & TV from Berklee, US.

His music has been licensed by a wide range of companies including; Ralph Lauren, Sony Playstation, Lockheed Martin, Simon & Schuster and many more. His music can be heard on a number of TV stations including; The History Channel, The Science Channel, The Biography Channel, ABC, CBS, ESPN and many more.

You can listen to examples of Emmett's music on his personal website at www.Soundtrack.ie.

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